A brilliant theory and a proven method.

Body psychotherapy according to the method of Wilhelm Reich is the form of psychotherapy that I apply in my practice.

The Austrian physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957) was the pioneering contributor to body psychotherapy and the main founder of its theoretical ground and methods.

Reich worked as one of Freud’s best students and closest colleagues as he started to develop a variation of psychoanalysis in the 1920’s and 1930’s. He was primarily interested in developing the symptom-oriented psychoanalysis and taking it towards body psychotherapy, an interpretation for which he gave a new name: characteranalytic vegetotherapy.

This method known as body psychotherapy has been practised for a period of 70 years. It meets the scientific qualifications set for the practise of psychotherapy by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).

The idea of body psychotherapy is to try to come in terms with man’s natural and balanced fashion of being in contact with himself and his environment. The therapy focuses on finding out new, more constructive behavioral patterns instead of the old ones.
In a mutually trusting interaction with an experienced therapist the client learns to detect the signals of his or her own body along with identifying them and expressing them in words and by other means.