Hello, my name is Gabriella Tengström...

I am a licenced psychotherapist* within the field of body psychotherapy and I have a KELA-competence. I am also a member of the Characteranalytic Vegetotherapy Society of Finland.

Apart from my occupation as a psychotherapist, I am actively involved in teaching courses in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga at various universities, colleges, companies and organizations in the Helsinki area.

Competence in body psychotherapy:

Characteranalytic vegetotherapy is the main approach within the field of body psychotherapy. This form of therapy has been recognized through accredited memberships and certifications by the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP). The Characteranalytic Vegetotherapy Society of Finland maintains very close cooperation with the International Federation of Orgonomic Colleges (IFOC).

* Licenced by the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs (TEO)